Recombinant Human Granulocyte Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor GM CSF.

General portrayal
Granulocyte/Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor (GM-CSF) was at first portrayed as an element that can uphold the in vitro province arrangement of granulocyte macrophage begetters. It is likewise a development factor for erythroid, megakaryocyte, and eosinophil forebears. GMCSF is delivered by various different cell types (counting T cells, B cells, macrophages, pole cells, endothelial cells, fibroblasts, and adipocytes) in light of cytokine or fiery boosts. The human and murine particles are species-explicit and show no cross-species reactivity. Recombinant human GM-CSF is a 14.6 kDa globular protein comprising of 128 amino acids containing two intramolecular disulfide bonds and two potential N-connected glycosylation locales.

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  • Cross Reactivty
  • None
  • Application
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  • Development Factors and Receptors
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  • Irritation and Immunology

Quality Bioactivity measure:

The not entirely settled by the portion subordinate feeling of the multiplication of human TF-1 cells is ≤ 0.1 ng/ml, comparing to a particular movement of ≥ 1 x 107 units/mg.
Actual structure
Item is sifted through a 0.2 micron channel before lyophilization.
Recombinant creature free human GM-CSF is produced utilizing all non-creature reagents
Capacity and Stability
Store at – 20°C for as long as a half year from date of receipt.
Except if in any case expressed in our inventory or other organization documentation going with the product(s), our items are expected for research utilize just and are not to be utilized for whatever other reason, which incorporates yet isn’t restricted to, unapproved business utilizes, in vitro analytic purposes, ex vivo or in vivo restorative purposes or any sort of utilization or application to people or creatures.



Class Code
11 – Combustible Solids    WGK       WGK 1

Granulocyte-macrophage province invigorating variable (GM-CSF) is otherwise called Colony animating element 2 (granulocyte-macrophage), is a cytokine at first described by its capacity to incite states of granulocytes and macrophages from myeloid ancestor cells, and is emitted by macrophages, T cells, pole cells, endothelial cells and fibroblasts. GM-CSF is a cytokine that capacities as a white platelet development factor. GM-CSF animates undifferentiated cells to create granulocytes (neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils) and monocytes. Monocytes exitthe flow and move into tissue, whereupon they mature into macrophages and dendritic cells. In this way, it is important for the safe/incendiary fountain, by which initiation of few macrophages can quickly prompt an expansion in their numbers, an interaction pivotal for battling contamination. The dynamic type of the protein is found extracellularly as a homodimer. Human GM-CSF glycosylated in its developed structure. As a piece of the invulnerable/provocative outpouring, GM-CSF advances Th1 one-sided resistant reaction, angiogenesis, unfavorably susceptible irritation, and the improvement of autoimmunity, and subsequently deserving of thought for helpful objective. GM-CSF has additionally as of late been assessed in clinical preliminaries for its true capacity as an immunization adjuvant in HIV-tainted patients. The primer outcomes have been promising. GM-CSF is likewise utilized as a medicine to invigorate the creation of white platelets following chemotherapy.

Clinical and Translational Updates

Volmar, C.H. et al., 2008, Cytokine. 42(3): 336-344.
Breitbach CJ, et al., 2010, Nature 477 (7362): 99¨C102.
Korzenik J, et al., 2005, N Engl J Med 352 (21): 2193¨C201.

Endorsement of Analysis and Data Sheet

Depiction: mGMP Recombinant Human GM-CSF delivered in E.Coli is a solitary, nonglycosylated,polypeptide chain containing 127 amino acids and having an atomic mass of
14477 Dalton. rHuGM-CSF is purged by exclusive chromatographic procedures.
Source: Escherichia Coli.
Actual Appearance: Sterile Filtered White lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder.
Plan and Packaging: The protein was lyophilized after broad dialysis against 2mM
sodium phosphate cushion pH= 7.4±0.1.
Dissolvability: The lyophilized rHuGM-CSF is extremely solvent in water and most watery cushions underneath
or more the isoelectric point (pI=4.95).
Steadiness: Lyophilized mGMPrHuGM-CSF albeit stable at room temperature, ought to be put away
parched beneath 0C.

Reconstituted rHuGM-CSF is best put away refrigerated at 4C.

Purity:Greater than not entirely settled by:
(a) Analysis by RP-HPLC (See Figure1).
(b) Anion-trade FPLC.
(c) Analysis by lessening and non-diminishing SDS-PAGE Silver Stained (See Figure 2).
(Cutoff of acceptance:98.0%. Something like 2% all out pollutants; no single debasement more prominent than 1%)
Amino Acid Composition: In all out concurrence with the normal amino corrosive sythesis of local
human GM-CSF
Amino corrosive grouping: The arrangement of the initial five N-terminal amino still up in the air and
was viewed as Ala-Pro-Ala-Arg-Ser, adjusting the grouping of local human GM-CSF. N-terminal
methionine has been totally eliminated enzymatically.
Dimers and totals: Less than still up in the air by silver stained SDS-PAGE gel investigation.
Natural Activity: mGMPrHuGM-CSF is completely organically dynamic when contrasted with standard.The
Not set in stone by the portion dependant excitement of the multiplication of human TF-1 cells
(human erythroleukemic marker cell line) is 0.1 ng/ml, relating to a Specific Activity of
IU/mg or 2 800 000 IU/vial of 300 ug
Endotoxin: Less than 0.1 ng/µg (IEU/µg) of mGMPrHuGM-CSF.

Protein content: Protein quantitation was completed by two autonomous techniques:

1. UV spectroscopy at 280 nm utilizing the receptiveness worth of 0.963 as the eradication
coefficient for a 0.1% (1mg/ml) arrangement. This worth is determined by the PC GENE
PC examination program of protein successions (IntelliGenetics).
2. Examination by RP-HPLC, involving a standard arrangement of GM-CSF as a Reference
Use: This material is presented by Gentaur for examination, research facility or further assembling
purposes adn DC culture

GMP Recombinant Human Interleukin-4 (IL-4)

GMPhuIL-4-50ug Gentaur Genprice 50ug 528 EUR

PRE-GMP rHu GM-CSF, Molgramostim-Leukoma

04-RHUGM-CSF-7A10 Gentaur Genprice 300 µg 462 EUR

Recombinant Human GM-CSF (CSF2)

Z100275 ABM 20 µg 85 EUR

Recombinant Human GM-CSF (CSF2)

Z100277 ABM 100 µg 210 EUR

Recombinant Human GM-CSF (CSF2)

Z100279 ABM 10 x 100 µg (Z100277 x 10) 1980 EUR

Recombinant Human GM-CSF/CSF2 Protein

RP00094 Abclonal 5 μg 178.8 EUR

Recombinant Human GM-CSF

SJA01-03 Cusabio 10µg/vial 342 EUR

Recombinant Human GM-CSF

SJA01-04 Amyotop 50µg/vial 846 EUR

Recombinant Human GM-CSF

6585 Immunochemistry 5 µg 194 EUR

Recombinant Human GM-CSF

EPT108 ELK Biotech 500ug 1553.4 EUR

Recombinant Human GM-CSF

HEOPP-0704 Cyagen 5ug Ask for price

Recombinant Human GM-CSF/CSF2 (E. coli)

C003-10ug Novoprotein 10ug 201.6 EUR

Recombinant Human GM-CSF/CSF2 (E. coli)

C003-1mg Novoprotein 1mg 2203.2 EUR

Recombinant Human GM-CSF/CSF2 (E. coli)

C003-500ug Novoprotein 500ug 1557.6 EUR

Recombinant Human GM-CSF/CSF2 (E. coli)

C003-50ug Novoprotein 50ug 486 EUR

Recombinant Human GM-CSF/CSF2 (E. coli)

AP74770 SAB 1mg 2599 EUR

GM-CSF, human recombinant

4100-10 Biovision each 307.2 EUR

Cell lines
Hematopoietic cell lines K562, human erythroleukemia cell line (HEL), HL60, TF-1, Jurkat, Daudi, CEM, and ML1
(ATCC, Manassas, VA, USA) were refined within the sight of 10% fetal cow-like serum (FBS) (Euroclone, Milano,
Italy) in Iscove’s adjusted Dulbecco’s medium (IMDM) or RPMI (Euroclone, Milano Italy) and 5% CO2 in a
humidified environment of 5% O2 in air at 37°C. TF-1 required the expansion of 10 ngml of human
granulocytemacrophage state animating component (GM-CSF, Leukomax; Schering-Plow, Basel, Switzerland).

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