AccuCount Blank Particles ACBP-50-10

Since our fluorescent colors are consolidated in the dab and not simply on a superficial level, FITC, GFP, Nile-red, Spheres are in distinction sizes and fluorescences, The width of the circles is normally higher than 50nm and in the micrometer um reach, dots and particles applications including blood stream assurance, blue, dark red, fluorimetry, green, extreme focus, light yellow, mcherry, orange, purple, red, sky blue, they are somewhat invulnerable to photograph fading and other natural elements, following, yellow, , Fluorescent microspheres, imaging and alignment of imaging and stream cytometry instruments, in vivo

Stream cytometer type: Beckman Coulter Flow Cytometer, Becton Dickinson FACScan, Becton Dickinson Flow Cytometers, FACSCanto, Millipore Flow Cytometers and Millipore Guava, Miltenyi cytometer, These globules can be utilized for alignment with BD facses like FACSCalibur
Quality target: 0-5, 9 um, AccuCount Particles 10^6/5
Short name: -5, 9 um, AccuCount Particles 10^6/mL 5
Elective name: 0-5, 9 um, AccuCount Fluorescent particles 10^6/milliliter 5
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New items are continually being created. If it’s not too much trouble, visit our site frequently or reach us for the accessibility of unlisted items. The accompanying items are accessible at this point:

Sphero Nanoparticles Minute particles, Infinite prospects

– Polystyrene Nanospheres
– Functionalized Polystyrene Nanospheres
– Fluorescent Nanospheres
– Nanoparamagnetic particles
– Covered Polystyrene Nanobeads
Bright Carboxyl Particle Array Kit (UVCPAK-5042-14K)
Extend Your Multiplex Assays with Additional Detection Channels
– Intended for multiplex stream tests on economically accessible stream cytometers with UV or Violet excitation
– At the same time evaluate analytes utilizing flowcytometric examination and any fluorescent forms with 488nm, 532nm, or 633nm excitation.
– Recognized in the UV and Violet channels
– Show insignificant fluorescence in channels with 488nm, 532nm, and 633nm excitation
– Carboxylated for the connection of your particular antibodies and proteins
– Accessible in 5.0 µm,14 tops at 1×108 particles/mL
Advangene Life Science Plasticware
Gentaur is currently offering another line of excellent plastic consumables from Advangene Consumables (AG). The AG line of plastic consumables will help efficiency, increment the exactness of the information and even set aside cash in your research facilities. AG items can be utilized in numerous life science fields like Medical and Clinical Diagnostics, Agriculture, Food Science, and Microbiology.
AG has a great plastic consumables portfolio including:

Coordinating attractive separator 96-well plates with Sphero Magnetic Separators

Surface treated plates for immuno tests
Plasma treated plates for cell culture applications
RNase/DNase free items for sub-atomic science applications
Superior execution plasticware for general labs, for example rotator tubes meeting 9600g and opening/shutting cap with one hand plan Unique request: made by your particular
Drop Delay Calibration Particles (DDCP-70-2)
Adjust your sorter with the proper connection and Gentaur Drop Delay Particles. The Drop Delay Calibration Particles are utilized to decide the drop postpone esteem. Therefore, the precision and efficiency can improved while sort. The Gentaur Cat. No. DDCP-70-2 is 2mL at 1×108 particles/mL of a solitary populace of fluorescent particles. Furthermore, these particles contain a combination of fluorophores which permit recognition in a few channels of stream cytometers.

UltraRainbow Fluorescent Particles (URFP)

A solitary populace of Rainbow Fluorescent Particles with improved UV and Far Red fluorescence force, 1×107/ml, and 1X2 mL. The molecule sizes accessible are ~3.0, ~3.8, and ~10.0 µm)

UltraRainbow Calibration Particles (URCP)

Like our Rainbow Calibration Particles. Be that as it may, a better element of the UltraRainbow Calibration Particles is its upgraded UV and Far Red fluorescence force, 1×107/ml, ~3.8 µm. what’s more, ~5.1 µm.
Carboxyl Particle Array Kits (CPAK-5067-10K)
The Blue PAKs (Particle Array Kits) are intended to improve on multiplex test advancement utilizing most Flow-cytometers. The CPAK comprises of Carboxyl Fluorescent Blue Particles with various forces in PE-Cy5 direct and negligible fluorescence in FITC and PE channels with 488 nm excitation. Either or both FITC or PE can be utilized for recognition. Gentaur offers a few arrangements of Particle Array Kits. Sets can be utilized autonomously or combined as one (3.5, 4.0, 5.1, and 7.7 µm sizes accessible)
Streptavidin Particle Array Kits (SVPAK-5067-10K)

  • We likewise offer Streptavidin Particle Array Kits for your benefit. SVPAK’s are ready by covering Streptavidin (covalently) onto Carboxyl Fluorescent Particles. Contact our Customer Representative today for more data!
    COMPtrol Particles (COMPtrol)
  • The COMPtrol Particles are covered with Goat hostile to Mouse Ig (H&L). They tie to fluorochrome-formed monoclonal mouse antibodies utilized during cell staining. These particles give a technique to the quality control of these forms.
  • They can likewise be utilized to help with setting appropriate pay to decrease the cross-talk between the channels of multicolor stream cytometers. COMPtrol Particle Kits are accessible in two sizes. A 3.0-3.4 µm. COMPtrol Particle Kit has Negitive and High Binding populaces, every at a centralization of 1×107/mL, in a 5mL volume.
  • Furthermore, a 5.0-5.5 µm. COMPtrol Particle Kit has Negitive, Low and High Binding populaces, every at a centralization of 2.5×106/mL, in a 5mL volume.
    Enormous and Small Carboxyl Magnetic Particles
  • We have another size to add to our carboxyl attractive molecule family. Gentaur currently has the accompanying list numbers: CM-025-10 (0.1 – 0.39µm), CM-05-10 (0.4 – 0.69µm), CM-100-10 (10.0 – 12.9µm), CM-150-10 (13.0 – 17.9µm), and CM-200-10 (18.0 – 24.0µm).

AccuCount Blank Particles

ACBP-100-10 Cusabio 10 mL 230.4 EUR

AccuCount Blank Particles, 10^6/mL, 13.0-17.9µm, 10mL

ACBP-150-10 Spherotech 10 mL 112 EUR

AccuCount Blank Particles, 10^6/mL, 2.0-2.4µm, 10mL

ACBP-20-10 Spherotech 10 mL 108.5 EUR

AccuCount Blank Particles, 10^6/mL, 3.0-3.9µm, 10mL

ACBP-30-10 Spherotech 10 mL 105 EUR

AccuCount Blank, 10^6/mL, 5.0-5.9µm, 10mL

ACBP-50-10 Spherotech 10 mL 108.5 EUR

AccuCount Blank, 10^6/mL, 7.0-7.9µm, 10mL

ACBP-70-10 Spherotech 10 mL 108.5 EUR

AccuCount Fluorescent Particles, 10^6/mL, 8.0-12.9µm, 3mL

ACFP-100-3 Spherotech 3 mL 108.5 EUR

AccuCount Fluorescent Particles, 10^6mL, 7.0-7.9µm, 10mL

ACFP-70-10 Spherotech 10 mL 178.5 EUR

AccuCount Fluorescent Particles, 10^6/mL, 5.0-5.9µm, 5mL

ACFP-50-5 Spherotech 5 mL 108.5 EUR

AccuCount Fluorescent Particles, 10^6/mL, 7.0-7.9µm, 5mL

ACFP-70-5 Spherotech 5 mL 108.5 EUR

AccuCount Rainbow Fluorescent Particles, 10^6/mL, 8.0-12.9µm, 3mL

ACRFP-100-3 Spherotech 3 mL 122.5 EUR

AccuCount Fluorescent Particles, Nile Red, 25.0µm (+/-2µm), 2.5x10^6/mL, 1mL

ACFP2.5-25056-1 Spherotech 1mL 70 EUR

AccuCount Fluorescent Particles, Nile Red, 32µm (+/-2µm), 2.5x10^6/mL, 1mL

ACFP2.5-30056-1 Spherotech 1 mL 70 EUR

AccuCount Fluorescent Particles, Nile Red,10.0µm (+/-1µm), 2x10^7/mL, 1mL

ACFP20-10056-1 Spherotech 1 mL 52.5 EUR

AccuCount Fluorescent Particles, Nile Red, 15.0µm (+/-2µm), 5x10^6/mL, 1mL

ACFP5-15056-1 Spherotech 1 mL 56 EUR

AccuCount Fluorescent Particles, Nile Red, 20.0µm (+/-2µm), 5x10^6/mL, 1mL

ACFP5-20056-1 Spherotech 1 mL 59.5 EUR

Jackass hostile to Goat IgG (H&L) covered Polystyrene Particles and Magnetic Particle
We currently have bigger Donkey against Goat IgG (H&L) (Cross adsorbed with CK, GP, Hms, Hrs, Hu, Ms, Rb, Rat Sr Protein) covered polystyrene particles and attractive particles accessible.
Feline. No. GMXA-40-10 : Donkey against Goat IgG (H&L) Magnetic Particles, 4.0-4.5 µm., 1 x 10 mL, 0.5% w/v
Feline. No. GPXA-60-5 : Donkey against Goat IgG (H&L) Polystyrene Particles, 6.0-8.0 µm., 1 x 5 mL, 0.5% w/v

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